Flavia Brizio-Skov

DR. FLAVIA BRIZIO-SKOV, PhD received her early education in public schools in Savona, Italy, her B.A. from the University of Genoa, Italy, and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Washington. She joined the faculty of the University of Tennessee in 1988, immediately after completion of her doctoral studies.

She has received numerous research awards and grants and has participated in many
conferences. Since 1995 she has been the Campus Director for the Cooperative Exchange
Program between UT and the University of Genoa, Italy, organizing trips of UT faculty
members to Genoa, of Genoa students to UT, and organizing two International Seminars, one in Genoa and one at UT.

She has been invited to lecture at various international conferences (Genoa, Lisbon), and
at national institutions (Bryn Mawr College, The Catholic University of America, Kennesaw
State University); in Fall 2004 she was the Director of the UT Semester in Wales,
Swansea, UK; since Fall 2004 she has been a member of the Editorial Board for the journal
Studies in European Cinema, University of Wales, UK.

She has been a Reader for international  journals (Between, University of Cagliari, Italy; Arena Romanistica, Bergen, Norway; History & Memory, Tel Aviv University) and a reader and an active member of the Editorial Board of two Journals: Journal of Italian Cinema Studies, Intellect, UK, from 2011, and  Studies on European Cinema, Swansea, UK, from 2004. Professor Brizio-Skov‘s  research has touched on a variety of areas as her two monographs, one edited volume and  numerous articles show. She has worked on contemporary literature, critical theory,  postmodernism, metafiction, metahistory, cultural studies and cinema. Her current research deals with popular culture and Italian cinema of the postwar. She  teaches courses on a variety of topics related to 20th century Italy, dealing with  literature, cultural studies, social history. For the Cinema Studies Program she  teaches a Special Topic course every Spring (History of Italian Cinema, Italian Popular Genre Cinema, Cinema Violence and Spectatorship: Classic Western, Spaghetti Western, and Post-Western; From Neorealism to Terrorism etc.) and  a Special Topic course in World Cinema every Fall   (Women in World Cinema, Introduction to World Cinema).


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